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The Umsatz-Piloten [Sales Pilots], your sales specialists

Are you still taking the “Path of Suffering”?

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Or are you flying directly to the customer?

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B2B New Customer Acquisition Made Easy

New customer acquisition is a little bit like fishing: Whenever one casts the fishing line, one never knows when a fish will bite. Precisely this is what makes customer acquisition so difficult and time-consuming. But why should you invest unnecessary time and personnel resources when instead you can obtain the effective support of the Umsatz-Piloten?

The sales specialist Frank Welzel

Frank Welzel
Managing Director
T: +49 711 23952 140
M: +49 172 6574199

The sales specialist Jörg Alberth

Jörg Alberth
Managing Director
T: +49 711 3270 401
M: +49 151 17241242

The creative and capable minds of the Umsatz-Piloten are Jörg Alberth and Frank Welzel. Both are seasoned, experienced salespersons and consummate sales pros who worked at prominent companies and agencies before they dared to take the step into going independent. Instead of expending enormous efforts to climb the mountains of customer acquisition, we fly you directly there!

What Can the Umsatz-Piloten Do for You?

We save you time and resources because new customer acquisition requires a high degree of personnel deployment with an uncertain outcome. Precisely in this case, we can “enter the picture” as sales specialists. While we attend to the acquisition, your employees can concentrate on their core competences. Thanks to our industry experience, the acquisition is no longer fishing in murky waters, but rather consists of highly-targeted campaigns. As the result of our deployment, you will receive qualified contacts which fit your visions of the ideal customer. Upon request, we will also sell your products, services and solutions proactively to your qualified potential customers.

Regardless of whether you need a one-time, short-term sales boost or permanent sales support – we will be there for you! Both for the selection of the location in a small test market as well as also as a concerted campaign for several thousand addresses – we will find the right solution for your needs! We will support your potential new customers from the initial contact through the conclusion of the contractual agreement if requested.

The Umsatz-Piloten are classical sales representatives who “score points” with their profound know-how and good instincts for their counterpart. We handle the tasks which your Sales team doesn’t have time for or for which your employees are simply too expensive.

More Leads and New Customers for Your Company.

Through the clever interlinkage of our measures, we succeed in acquiring more leads and new customers for you – and indeed for the long term! With out-of-the-box and attention-grabbing campaigns, we will reach your potential customers and they won’t forget us – or you. Through targeted follow-up work and follow-up campaigns, we will transform prospective customers into actual customers.

Because your company is as individual as your product, we would be glad to create an individual offer for you which is precisely tailored to your needs. Regardless of whether you want to only try out a new market or implement the entire programme from rendering assistance for the launch into a new market to complex campaigns extending from the acquisition to the order, the Umsatz-Piloten have the right solution for each requirement!

What Can the Umsatz-Piloten Do?

We can provide acquisition. And indeed in a sustainable and appealing manner. We not only can provide acquisition, but we have a burning motivation to do so because we love what we do. The Umsatz-Piloten are consummate salespersons and genuine sales pros with technical know-how and profound marketing skills.

We are sales specialists and will support you as Account Managers or Key Account Managers – either temporarily or permanently – quite precisely to fit your requirements and the respective goal. Because we can quickly familiarise ourselves with new technologies and solutions, we will integrate them directly into the sales process.

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In What Industries Do the Umsatz-Piloten Work?

We are passionate about products and services in the B2B segment which require extensive explanations because, in this case, the new customer acquisition is a special challenge. How does one describe a product which requires an extensive explanation in a nonetheless concise manner so that the potential customer immediately “bites”? Precisely this is our passion!

We have, for example, specialised in supporting international companies to smoothly enter the German market. In order to do this, we will help you during the initial steps you take into the new market and, if you would like, throughout the entire customer acquisition journey through the sale.

We are particularly experienced in the segment of investment products in machine construction and office organisation as well as in the segment of investment products and consumable materials in the graphical industry. We will also present your software with heart and mind to potential new customers – precisely everything which cannot so easily be explained with merely a single sentence.

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